Interventions like shadowing or coaching can provide bedside doctors real time feedback into how other may perceive them. The Physician Interactions Checklist is used by the coach as they observe the medical provider interact with a patient and/or family member. The checklist provides a framework of behaviors that when present in the patient-provider interaction has

You’ve instituted quiet hours, installed cushions on cabinet doors, greased squeaky wheels, monitored noise levels with a yacker tracker and distributed white noise machines, headphones and guided imagery videos to patients, and STILL your hospital struggles to move the needle on the HCAHPS question “How often was the area around your room quiet at night?”

A discussion paper, published by the National Academy of Medicine, that introduces a logical framework for creating a culture of patient and family engagement (PFEC), an annotated bibliography of the latest scientific research in support of PFEC, and plenty of real-life examples to bring PFEC to life.  

Long-Term Care Improvement Guide

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A compendium of resident-centered practices and practical culture change tools contributed by long-term care communities with well-established cultures of resident-centered care.    

  A compendium of patient-centered practices and practical implementation tools contributed by hospitals with well-established cultures of patient-centered care.        

  Different structures and approaches organizations can take to engage patient and family partners in ongoing improvement work.        

What If Worksheet

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A worksheet developed to be an exercise for healthcare professionals and volunteer patient and family advisors to complete collaboratively. It is designed to encourage councils to break out of their comfort zones and to take on new, potentially intimidating, but high impact improvement initiatives.    

  A white paper that details practical approaches for re-engineering new employee orientation to emphasize “mission critical content.”        

Staff Meeting Template

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A tool for structuring more effective staff meetings. Tab One of the worksheet includes a standardized template for creating agendas and capturing minutes. Tab Two provides a framework for engaging staff and leadership in the process.    

  A resource for those seeking to build will among colleagues for adopting the practice of shared medical records.        

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