A survey healthcare centers can use to better understand interest and utilization patterns of integrative therapies within their community and/or patient population.    

    Implementing a structured approach for inviting informal caregivers to participate in care activities for their loved one builds confidence and competence in managing the patient’s care outside of the healthcare encounter. This Family Engagement Strategies Gap Analysis Tool is designed to prompt teams to 1.) assess the current state of your family engagement

    A template for a structured way to track issues identified during daily interdisciplinary huddles that focus on daily operations.    

Ambition to Action Worksheet

Wednesday, 20 February 2019 by

A tool designed to help teams take the steps necessary to turn an idea into reality. The worksheet generates practical thinking and provides structure to the process of moving from thinking about making a change to actually executing on the vision. .  

5 strategies for diversifying your PFAC to be representative of your community and patient population. .  

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