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Alan Manning

Alan Manning

Alan Manning is the Executive Vice President at Planetree, Inc., a mission based non-profit dedicated to pioneering methods for personalizing, humanizing and demystifying the healthcare experience. Planetree currently partners with healthcare organizations across the continuum of care in 19 different countries.  Manning oversees many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the organization while also collaborating with sites in several countries. 

Alan entered healthcare after his first born daughter, Katie, died at just 6 months old.  Katie struggled through multiple open heart surgeries to address a congenital heart defect,   and after her passing Manning felt compelled to change careers. He wanted to support the amazing people who dedicate their lives to caring for the sick while also addressing the significant gaps that still exist in our healthcare systems.  Beyond his work with Planetree, Alan co-founded Kisses from Katie, Inc. with his wife, Vickie, with the single goal of “taking the edge off” for critically ill children, their families, and the people dedicated to caring for them.  He also recently accepted the role as the Vice President of the Board of Directors at the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety.  Alan Manning has the unwanted calling of improving healthcare and has now dedicated his time and energy to ensuring that we provide excellent care to every patient, every time.

Alan Manning has experienced healthcare as a vulnerable dad caring for his daughter and a change-agent supporting healthcare organizations.  Through his power of storytelling that stem from his upbringing in Ireland, Alan will make you laugh and cry, but most of all, he will offer grounded and helpful insights that positively enhance healthcare.

  • Executive Vice President at Planetree, Inc.
  • Co-Founder and Vice-President of Kisses from Katie, Inc.
  • President of the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Center for Patient Safety
  • Advisor to medical device start-up and behavioral health hospital start-up


Presentations Available

An Unwanted Calling
Our lives can change in an instant. Sometimes our response is the only thing we can control. Alan Manning experienced the good, bad, and ugly of healthcare while caring for his daughter, Katie, who was born with a congenital heart defect. After she died, Manning changed careers, and now dedicates his time to expanding patient centered care around the world. This talk will recount the ups and downs of Katie’s life and the HOPE that the Manning’s have today.

Moving from FOR to WITH patients
In order to provide a truly patient centered experience, providers need to shift from doing “for” patients to “with” patients. Successful treatment of patients inspires activated patients, but providers need to acknowledge the institutional restrictions that practically restrict such a change. Come hear what processes need to change from the view of a family member at a bedside.

When Engaging Patients, Keep it Simple
Maslow was on to something when he developed his hierarchy of human needs. A very similar hierarchy exists in providing great quality care to patients. Learn about the five steps to creating a fully engaged patient- quality, access, engagement, activation, and choice.

Creating a Great Patient Experience is NOT Rocket Science
Difficult and complex is not the same thing, but we often confuse the two. Working with patients is difficult right now because we haven’t figured out what they really want. As a result, we create convoluted and complex systems that often don’t work. This presentation will share the top priorities of patients and strategies for addressing those priorities. It will also help move from what patients want to what this patient wants

The Reality of working with Patients
There are so many complicated terms to describe how we can work better with patients. Patient Centered Care. Patient Experience. How can we diagnose patient preferences if we don’t know what they are? This session will quiet the noise and offer simple and relatable steps to better understand what patients want and how to give it to them in a way that works.

No patient ever confused the a hotel and a hospital
As healthcare shifts to address the increasing focus on patient experience, it is vital to understand the real needs and wants of patients. Of course, we want to provide superior service, but to fully support patients during vulnerable times, healthcare providers need to remember that patients want respect, information, and choice. This session will focus on the aspects of patient experience that really matters to patients.

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