Authored By: Jim Kinsey, Director Content-Engagement Strategies, Planetree International I am concerned, no alarmed, no troubled, or maybe its all three. As I am writing this The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is tracking 413 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 40 states across the United States. Of those 40 states, 24 have bills limiting or eliminating the

    As we enter the end of Q1 2023, staff turnover continues to challenge organizations around the world and across the continuum of care. Burnout, emotional fatigue, and stress are impacting caregivers, and organizations are asking the question: What makes healthcare workers stay in their jobs? The Harvard Business Review (HBR) sought to answer

The healthcare sector has faced enormous challenges over the past several years. These challenges, though incredibly trying, have led to important opportunities to demonstrate resiliency, innovation, and partnership. Trends in healthcare are forcing organizations to place patient experience, employee well-being, sustainability, and safety at the forefront. To keep up with trends, person-centered healthcare organizations are

Authored By: Jim Kinsey, Vice President of Engagement Strategies, Planetree International & Michael Giuliano, COO, Planetree International The history of healthcare inequity and public health crisis is not a new experience, and Monkeypox is shining light on the unfortunate cycle of “othering”. We are outlining evidence-based person-centered approaches to care that will help break this

  Can a checklist save lives? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Checklists are a proven tool for improving clinical quality and patient safety; establishing order, reliability, and efficiency in a healthcare setting. As a result, these types of aids, which break down a process into a series of reminders, have emerged

    We are all keenly aware of how brief moments of employee recognition can uplift individuals. In fact, studies show that acts of gratitude can lead to increased optimism, better social bonds, and physical health benefits. In the workplace, this means that employee recognition can lead to improved employee engagement, employee satisfaction, and a

    Explore tools and resources from Planetree International to help healthcare leaders continue to provide person-centered care in the midst a time of crisis.    

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