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Linking within Revolution Slider

Note: For this tutorial I have used the above banner as the example.

Please open the site back end in a new tab and click on Revolution Slider. You will see the following…





Step 1: Find the slider you wish to add links to and click the blue box, “Edit slides”.

In this case we will use #14, “Links – How to”.





Step 2: Choose the slide you wish to edit and click “Edit Slide.

In this slider there is currently only one slide.







Step 3: Click in the “Layer” you wish to add a link to.

You can use html here to write text and link to pages or anchor tags.








Image Link: Click on the image layer to see external linking options under “Image link”.

Below you will see the “Image link” field is pre-filled with a link to the tutorial page about using Anchors.






Here is an example using an anchor link.

Please see Anchors to learn more about using anchor links.



Step 4. Test your links!



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