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Lucie Dumas

Lucie Dumas, Réseau Planetree Québec Présidente Directrice Générale

Lucie Dumas, Réseau Planetree Québec Présidente Directrice Générale

Lucie Dumas, recipient of the 2010 Raymond Carignan Award, has overseen the destiny of the Centre de réadaptation Estrie (CRE) since 1998. From the start, she worked on defining accomplishments for the future of the establishment using the expertise and achievements of its programs. She not only strengthened the position and reputation of the establishment in the region but, under her guidance, the continuum of services for the physically disabled has improved and flourished. The region has since reaped benefits in accessibility, continuity, availability, and quality. These accomplishments inspired the CRE’s groundbreaking style, today a well-known attribute within the innovative elite of the health network.

At the beginning of the 21st century, deeply aware of the challenges facing healthcare organizations, Lucie Dumas set her sight on human resources, using a quality approach centered on both clients and staff. In 2005, the CRE truly set itself apart by becoming the first Canadian establishment to affiliate with Planetree, an international group with more than 550 member establishments worldwide advocating a management and intervention philosophy based on client satisfaction and wellness, a philosophy where every possible effort is made to transform care and services into a rich and positive life experience. Ms Dumas serves on the Advisory Committee of Planetree International.

In 2006, the CRE received two awards of excellence, one from the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) and one from the Quebec Association of Rehabilitation Establishments for the Physically Impaired (AÉRDPQ). Moreover, the CRE did extremely well in a Best Employers Challenge competition.

In 2008, the CRE obtained the Planetree International Designation, a standard of excellence conferring the status of role model within the Quebec network as well as among Planetree member organizations. In 2011, the MSSS once again recognized the leadership of the establishment with a Merit Citation and the CRE obtained its Healthy Enterprise certification. In 2012, it achieved the Innovative Environment certification.

Witnessing this incredible track record, other organizations chose to adopt the Planetree model. In the fall of 2008, Ms Dumas established the Planetree Quebec Network and became its President and CEO. The Network now regroups 28 member establishments with various healthcare missions, including one in establishment in France.

Lucie Dumas was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Planetree Annual Conference, the most prestigious award conferred by this international organization, the crowning achievement of her distinguished career.

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