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Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month


2017 Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Invites Greater Engagement in Healthcare From All

For years, healthcare professionals, researchers and other industry “insiders” have been touting the importance of patient and family engagement in their own care. Ironically, though, the critical mass of patients and families who interact with the healthcare system have been marginally involved in this work to characterize what engagement looks like in practice.

This Year’s Theme
That’s why Invitation to Engage is the theme for Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month in 2017. Because we can’t expect engagement from patients and families if we don’t first INVITE their involvement. Engagement in healthcare reverses generations of practices and routines that have historically focused on providing care for patients. In this new era of patient and family engagement, the emphasis shifts to planning care and making decisions with them. With this Invitation to Engage, we signal to patients and families that we simply cannot improve healthcare systems, outcomes or practice without their express involvement.

2017 Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Activities
This coming October’s campaign is shaping up to truly drive change in healthcare. A series of activities is planned to invite the active engagement of patients and family members in their own care, in improving healthcare delivery systems, and in guiding future research and policy in person-centered directions.


Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month Preview Materials:





  • An #InvitationtoEngage social media toolkit to support all those commemorating Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month in using their social media channels and networks to invite expanded participation and engagement.





  • Hospitals and other care settings are coordinating a variety of events as well as distributing “I Am an Expert about Me” stickers to patients, and staff members are wearing “I Am Listening” buttons. Stickers can be ordered in multiples of 100 for $18.00. To place your order please contact Lorena Bedoya at 203-732-1360 or [email protected]

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