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2016 International Conference on Patient-Centered Care


Call for Participation

2016 Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care

Are you looking for ways to engage with fellow PCC champions in richer and deeper ways?  Are you seeking new avenues to share your work, wisdom and experience?  Are you eager to grow professionally or personally by presenting your work to an international audience?

If yes, make 2016 the year you ramp up your participation the 2016 Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care! 

There is a range of ways to participate as a conference presenter, with different session types geared toward specific presentation styles and types of content. 

Planetree is currently accepting proposals to present Solutions Sessions, Transformation Testimonials, Experiential Sessions and Poster Sessions at the 2016 International Conference on Patient-Centered Care. 

Dates You Should Know

NEW Submission Deadline: May 13th, 2016

*Selection notifications will be made 4 weeks after the submission deadline

Conference Date: October 30-November 2, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois

Before you begin, please review this form in its entirety to ensure you have all the necessary information. Have questions?
Contact Lisa Donnarumma at [email protected] or 203-732-1377 or Sara Guastello at [email protected] or 203-732-7171.

Building on the Conference’s Content Rich Tradition: 2016 Content Guidelines

The Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care is unique among healthcare conferences.  It is highly specialized in nature in that we focus in on what it takes, from a very practical perspective, to deliver on the promise of patient-centered care.  Through this lens of patient-centered care, conference content includes a wide range of topics with broad appeal to diverse participants, including:

  • Care redesign innovations from around the world – and across the care continuum -- that drive patient and family engagement and improve quality and safety
  • Emerging patient-centered technologies
  • Solutions for the financial and business challenges facing healthcare leaders today
  • Research on how patient-centered approaches drive improved outcomes
  • Best practices in building and maintaining positive workplace cultures
  • Concrete and measurable ways to improve the patient experience
  • Quality improvement strategies, structures and tactics that harness the power of the patient voice
  • Health promotion strategies for improving population health
  • And more!

Who Should Apply?

  • Patients and family members, healthcare executives, frontline staff, researchers, physicians, architects and designers, educators, scientists, innovators and changemakers.
  • Presenters from across the continuum of care (community hospitals, academic medical centers, ambulatory care centers, long-term care communities, hospices, home care, doctors’ offices, behavioral health facilities)

Benefits of Presenting

  • All conference presenters receive a $50 registration discount. An additional $50 discount will be applied for all patient/family member presenters AND those co-presenting with a patient/family member.
  • Be a part of what makes this conference great! Accomplished patient-centered care champions sharing their solutions for making healthcare better!
  • Receive feedback on your practice or program. Presenting often triggers a dialogue and the exchange of ideas on your practice/program.
  • Gain valuable professional experience in presenting and expand your professional portfolio.

  • Receive recognition at the conference for your contribution.

About the Presenting Opportunities

Solutions Sessions

These 30-minute sessions will highlight specific approaches for addressing an identified opportunity or need. Selected sessions will feature measurable outcomes that demonstrate impact and tangible take-aways that inspire immediate action once participants return to their organizations.

Transformation Testimonials

These 30-minute sessions are meant to inspire, enlighten and inform. Appropriate content for these sessions include organizational case studies, patient stories and other examples of transformation.

Master Class Workshop

Master Class Workshops bring together world class experts to co-present 90-minute interactive sessions that impart the latest trends, case studies and practical tools to improve the patient and staff experience. Please note proposals for Master Class Workshops are by invitation only.

Experiential Sessions

We learn best by doing. These facilitated 30-minute sessions will demonstrate examples of experiential education that drive change. Whether staff retreats, physician education, or staff training, we know that value gained by experiential learning is unquestionable.

Poster Session

Solutions-focused presentations taking the form of an exhibit and delivered primarily through graphs, diagrams, pictures, data, and narrative text on bulletin boards. (More Information)

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We are currently seeking presentation proposals with content that focuses on the following areas:

Patient and Family Activation

Examples of past sessions within this content area:

  • Embracing Technology to Empower Patients: Bedside Patient Tablet Innovation Enhances Patient Education and Experience
  • Communicating with Empathy:  Skills and Tips to Improve the Patient and Family Experience
  • Shared Decision Making: Creating a Better Experience for Patients and Providers
  • Patient Engagement in the Primary Care Setting: Lessons from the Field
  • Can a Person Focused Communication Strategy Improve Patient Safety and Quality?
  • The Impact of a Planetree Implementation on Family Involvement and Culture of Safety in an ICU

Patient-Centered Performance Improvement and Co-Design

Examples of past sessions within this content area:

  • Patients Help Chart the Course: Engaging Patients through a Patient and Family Advisory Council
  • Are you Listening to Me?   Revising Policy from the Patient Perspective 
  • A Patient Centered Approach to High Reliability Transformation
  • Systems Approach to Pain Management Roadmap
  • Using Planetree Principles and Recommendations in a Collaborative Initiative to Increase Natural Birth in Brazil

Staff Engagement

Examples of past sessions within this content area:

  • Role Model Caring for the Caregiver: Teaching Healthy Balance
  • Finding the Gem Within: Promoting Direct Caregivers to Leadership
  • Acceptance and Commitment Training for Healthcare Professionals

Leadership Development

Examples of past sessions within this content area:

  • Maintaining Focus in the Face of Competing Priorities
  • The Doctor is LinkedIn - Leveraging the World’s Leading Professional Network
  • Preparing New Physicians for the Future: A Patient-Centered Care Curriculum for Ongoing Education and Assessment

Healing Environment

Examples of past sessions within this content area:

  • Patient-Centered Innovation in Healthcare Cuisine and Education
  • Person-Centered Mental Health Facility Design: Is it Worth the Investment?
  • Designing Loneliness Out of the Healthcare Experience

Community Engagement

Examples of past sessions within this content area:

  • Pre-D Challenge: Reducing the Risk of Diabetes in the Community
  • May the Force Be with You:  Spirituality Re-imagined
  • Providing Pro Bono Physical Therapy via a Center for Clinical Education & Health Promotion
  • Benefits of Community Collaboration When Designing Patient-Centered Healing Environments
Breakout Sessions are 30 Minutes Long

Breakout Sessions are 30 Minutes Long

Breakout Sessions will run from Monday, October 31st to Tuesday, November 1st
Poster Session Information
Poster Session Guidelines

Poster Session Information

Poster Sessions will be displayed on Wednesday, November 2nd from 1:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Being Chosen as a Presenter has it's Benefits
Click Here to Apply!

Being Chosen as a Presenter has it's Benefits

Save $50 dollars off up to 3 presenters per presentation chosen. One time $50 discount per registrant. Deadline is March 7, 2016

For your consideration as you complete the registration form:

Proposal Selection Criteria

  • Relevance to the mission of the conference
  • Applicability to the conference audience
  • Identification of practical solutions with tangible implementation takeaways that inspire and enable action
  • The significance and magnitude of the results or outcomes likely to be attained by the proposed solution or practice
  • The potential of the proposed solution or practice to be replicated, including its potential for implementation in a variety of settings
  • Involvement of patients/family members in presentation*
  • Topic/setting diversity
  • Overall standing among similar proposals.

Additional Information

  • Planetree reserves the right to edit submitted session titles and descriptions.
  • Planetree may suggest a different format for your session, and may encourage joint presentations if multiple proposals are submitted on a similar topic.
  • Presenters must register for the conference and are responsible for their own travel and associated costs.
  • Audiovisual equipment for the sessions includes wireless high-speed internet access, 1 podium microphone, 1 LCD projector, 1 computer, and 1 screen. No other audiovisual equipment is provided unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

* A $50 discount (in addition to the standard presenter discount) will be applied for all patient/family member presenters AND those co-presenting with a patient/family member.

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