PFPC Diversity Recruitment Guide

Friday, 19 November 2021 by

    In 2021, Planetree International’s Patient and Family Partnership Council (PFPC) identified the need to support other organizations in amplifying diverse voices on their own PFPCs. To do this, council members drew on their own experiences as patients, family caregivers and patient/family advocates to develop a new Diversity Recruitment Guide. This is a resource

When Crisis Hits White Paper

Thursday, 23 September 2021 by

    Economic crises, civil unrest, extremism and violence, inequalities and racism, natural disasters, humanitarian catastrophes, and pandemics are just a few of the realities in our increasingly complex world. These experiences and circumstances continue to challenge — and may even re-define — business-as-usual in healthcare organizations. To thrive in the service of our caregiving

    Released in May 2020, this set of 8 recommendations delineates practices that support a compassionate approach to visitation that balances the benefits of family’s physical presence with a loved one and the need to minimize the risks of transmission of COVID-19.    

    This webinar examines the inter-dependence of person-centered care and health equity. We examine how the concept of health equity is embedded throughout Planetree’s person-centered care culture change methodology. Participants are provided with concrete and purposeful strategies for engaging patients, families, the healthcare workforce and your communities to promote greater equity.    

5 strategies for diversifying your PFAC to be representative of your community and patient population. .  

Three initiatives implemented by Planetree Certified organizations to address the realities of being a healthcare worker today and to create a culture of caring for staff by addressing the physical and emotional demands of this work. .  

    This toolkit provides guidance to physician practices on creating a practice culture that emphasizes and incorporates the patient and family perspective in every aspect of care, to ultimately improve quality of care. It was developed by Planetree International and the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative Support & Alignment Network.    

    Inadvertent or not, the language we use creates the world that individuals experience when they interact with the healthcare system. This brief discussion paper examines how common language used in healthcare can undermine efforts to deliver person-centered care. A list of 20 words and phrases to retire from healthcare can be used to

Open Dining Implementation Guide

Monday, 12 March 2018 by

    Long-term care communities have a long history of institutionalized dining characterized by rigid meal times and limited choices. This Open Dining Guide was developed by Planetree International to support organizations in assessing how resident-centered their approach to open dining really is, and to identify opportunities for better aligning structures, practices, and culture around

    A practical resource for any teams struggling with internal communication. Based on the experiences of Planetree health centers around the world, the 12 tips break down a variety of common communication challenges and offer up specific solutions for overcoming them.    

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