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Since 1978, the Global Leader in Advancing Person-Centered Care


Our goal is to support you in creating a comprehensive patient experience through better patient and family activation, improved quality and safety, and deeper staff engagement.

Planetree offers a range of solutions, including on-site assessments, staff development, virtual training, speaking engagements and immersion programs to steer organizations toward a patient-centered future. Grounded in the foundation of the patient’s voice and developed by a team of experts, our services guide healthcare providers, across the continuum, with practical approaches to transform their organizational structures, processes and ultimately the culture of the organization. Fundamental to our approach is the belief that connecting staff with the purpose of their work, and educating them with new skills in a supportive, empowering environment unleashes their potential as effective change agents. Our menu of coaching, education and experiential offerings focuses on discovering the most powerful levers of change in an organization, activating caregivers to problem solve and create change, advancing these efforts in the spirit of continuous quality improvement, and innovating to raise the bar for what patients, families and caregivers can expect from a patient-centered healthcare experience. Planetree provides an unparalleled opportunity to tailor a set of solutions that will accelerate any organization’s culture change effort.

Ways to Engage

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Planetree is wholly dedicated to advancing Patient Centered Care. We want to support any organization in their effort to create a better experience for patients. Ultimately, we believe that the only way to fully become patient centered is to commit to a comprehensive cultural transformation that will develop infrastructures and implement practices, leading to an organization that functions in a more efficient and effective manner. Short of full membership, where you gain access to all that Planetree has to offer, we also offer a variety of services that can provide motivation, strategic guidance, or tactical implementation support to an individual, team, or organization.


Planetree membership is an emphatic 360 approach to fostering exceptional patient-centered care by delivering unparalleled access to services, resources,and support. Our process brings new possibilities to the pursuit and delivery of patient-centered care. Deeper insights, richer learning, and culture-changing collaborations allow organizations to experience a directed yet self-determined patient centered journey. We are excited that patient centered care is an ever-increasing target. Patients' expectations and involvement in care continues to drive new and exciting programs and structures along the healthcare continuum. As a result, ongoing partnership and membership with Planetree affords organizations access to the latest approaches to organizational challenges of all kinds. Planetree membership offers:

  • An individualized plan for cultural transformation that adapts for the needs, history, and priorities of your organization through a tailored selection of Planetree's services.
  • Complete access to a dedicated Planetree adviser who guides your journey
  • Training and development through ongoing educational offerings
  • Open access to the entire Planetree network to gain knowledge and transfer ideas
  • Organizational access to our online virtual community
  • Preferred pricing on all member services

The Planetree components, time-honored philos­ophy, and field-tested framework for patient-centered culture change are the foundation for all of Planetree's services. Our solutions marry our vast field experience with the current needs and challenges of the organizations we partner with. These coaching services are coordinated to suit the unique demands and learning styles of your organization. These services are all designed to articulate the voices of patients and the experi­ences of caregivers with clarity and passion. Planetree offers an array of services that help organizations advance their patient centered journey. Starting with assessments, Planetree comprehensively evaluates organizational performance across an array of areas. From there, we help develop the infrastructure to support successful ongoing performance. Finally, we provide a diverse range of skills development sessions to help organizations overcome any specific or unique challenges they face.

assementsaaproachAssessments: Community Design Assessments, Designation Assessment, Enterprise Wide Pathways Improvement Assessment, Environment of Care Analysis and Component Mapping, Health Literacy Assessment, Human Resources Assessment, Organizational Assessment, Patient Centered Care Quality Check, Staff Retreat Audits

infrastructureInfrastructure Development: Board of Directors Programming, Human Resources System Advancement, Leadership Goal Development, Patient and Family Partnership Council Development, Patient-Centered Building and Operation Life Cycle Analysis, Patient-Centered Committee Development, Patient-Centered Transitions of Care, Shared Governance Development, Strategic Planning Support, Team Development Coaching


Skill BuildingSkill Building: Advanced Retreats- Developing a Culture of Ownership, Bedside Shift Report Coaching, Care for the Caregiver Program Development, Care Partner Program Coaching, Community Planning Charrette Session Facilitation, Compassionate Human Interactions , Coordinator Orientation, Critical Conversation Training, Dementia Care Coaching, HCAHPS Improvement, Leadership Retreat, Medical Staff Programming, Middle Manager Coaching, Patient Centered End of Life Care, Patient Preference Passport Program Implementation, Patient-Centered Finance, Patient-Centered Performance Improvement Certification Training, Patient-Centered Performance Improvement Design and Transition Planning, Physician Retreat, Shared Decision Making Implementation, Shared Medical Record Coaching, Staff Retreat Development and Facilitator Workshops

Successful implementation of patient centered care principles need to be supported and supplemented by ongoing learning opportunities. These sessions allow participants gain insights into specific topics and offer tangible take-aways to support the advancement of your patient centered journey. Developed in conjunction with our partners, these offerings are designed to suit the challenges and needs that you face in your day-to-day work.

roundtable2Virtual Roundtables – Topical forums for exploring current, challenging issues facing healthcare organizations and providers. Innovative approaches are shared and group learning achieved through education and in-depth discussion.

networkingPatient-Centered Learning Network Events – Regularly scheduled Knowledge & Solutions Webinars on topics related to patient-centered programs and principles, as well as trends and issues relevant to patient-centered organizations.

annual conferencePlanetree's Annual International Patient-Centered Care Conference – Features presentations by internationally renowned thought leaders in the movement to transform healthcare systems into more humanistic, compassionate and holistic organizations that promote health, cultivate healing and the delivery of high quality, safe care.

myplanetree Open 24/7, offering virtual connection and collaboration with our patient-centered Learning Community. MyPlanetree offers individuals the ability to collaborate with the community-at-large or with your own organization. MyPlanetree also acts as a repository for large amounts of tools, resources, and guides that will support your patient centered journey. Finally, this is a great way to start a conversation with a Planetree employee or send out a question to the masses.

My Planetree

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Suites of Services

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Cultural Transformation

Cultural TransformationEffective patient centered care demands a full and authentic cultural commitment that can sometimes call for transformation. Healthcare needs new processes and systems to support the patient expectations of tomorrow. We have to change how we operate to find success in this new era of medicine. Here are some of our services that support cultural transformation:

  • Organizational Assessments
  • Steering Team Development
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Care Team Development

Patient Activation

Patient ActivationIn order to activate patients to participate in their care we first need to give them access (to family, resources, information) and then actively include them in their care process. This calls for a substantive shift from our customary approach. Our patient activation services create new mechanisms for patients, families, and staff to provide care that fulfills patient and family expectations while reengaging caregivers with a great sense of purpose. Here are some of our patient activation services:

  • Patient Centered Care Quality Check
  • Patient and Family Partnership Council Development
  • Patient Preference Passport Program Implementation
  • Care Partner Program Development
  • Compassionate Human Interactions

Staff Engagement

Staff EngagementIn order to be patient centered, we first need to be staff centered. Our staff engagement offerings restore purpose and then bridge the gap between intentions and outcomes. We help caregivers reconnect with each other to create a supportive interdisciplinary environment with a unified goal: exceptional patient centered care. Here are some of our staff engagement services:

  • Staff Retreats
  • Care for the Caregiver Program Development
  • Middle Management Coaching
  • Shared Governance Development

Leadership Development

Leadership DevelopmentEvery effective patient centered organization has an engaged and effective leadership team. By redefining goals, developing new structures, and aligning efforts with existing priorities, we help create a framework for success. Furthermore, we aid leaders to develop and sustain behaviors that lead to ongoing patient centered success. The fusion of personal behavioral advancement with structural process change drives higher organizational performance. Here are some of our leadership development services:

  • Leadership Retreats
  • Leadership Goal Development
  • Strategic Planning Support

Performance Improvement

Performance ImprovementNow more than ever before, healthcare organizations are being asked to meet measurably higher quality standards, increase service efficiency, and create optimal patient experiences all with significantly reduced capital and environmental resources. Using human-centered rather than process-oriented approaches, we work with organizations’ key stakeholders, to help discover ways to improve or co-design effective systems within the context of criteria demonstrated to enhance care quality and patient experience. The following services that can help to evaluate ways to make care delivery more efficient, have the dual benefit of building internal subject matter expertise for achieving reliable patient-centered outcomes and inspiring motivation to continuously improve:

  • Patient-Centered Performance Improvement Certification Training
  • Enterprise Wide Pathways Improvement Assessment
  • Patient-Centered Performance Improvement Design and Transition Planning
  • Shared Decision Making Implementation

Design Services

Design ServicesHealing Environments that have a demonstrated positive impact on both the patient and visitor experience of care and the perception of care quality are those that support personalized choice, dignity, and control. By promoting adaptive use, wellness, and enhancing the safety and nurturing of patients, they are instrumental in activating holistic community health through innovation and evidence-based, sustainable design and operation. Through onsite and virtual sessions, these Planetree services are intended to help organizations realize their vision for creating patient-centered environments of care:

  • Community Design Assessments
  • Environment of Care Analysis and Component Mapping
  • Community Planning Charrette Session Facilitation
  • Patient-Centered Building and Operation Life Cycle Analysis

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